30/05 :  Science Report 04

Summary of a selection of the latest articles published on R aelScience
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26/05 :  Science Report 03

A selection of the latest articles on Rael-Sciences
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26/05 :  There is no such thing as a god-driven life

The Prophet Rael accepted to give us an interview in Las Vegas last week. Among other topics, he talked about the new fashionable trend in America to surrender one’s choices to god’s will. "Every human being who surrenders its power of choice is sick." Don't miss this powerful statement.
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02/05 :  Raelian gathering in LA with the Prophet Rael

The Prophet Rael was in Los Angeles a few days ago and the 50 local Raelians were so happy to welcome him in their brand new meeting room, a room donated by Marcella and Ralph. It has been a very nice afternoon, dreaming of the future of the Raelian Movement in the US and of Humanity. You can listen here to the speech he delivered on this special occasion.
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